Girl Power at School but Not at the Office

bus3-220Hannah Seligson, a woman in her twenties, discusses the steep learning curve women face as they enter the workplace and leave behind the egalitarian classrooms of college. “I saw some men, raised in a different era, who refused to take young women seriously, focused on their appearance and gave them the least desirable assignments. Even in this day and age, I saw women becoming “assistant-ized”— saddled with all the coffee runs and photocopying.”  New York Times Interview.

Seligson promotes that perfectionism can lead to paralysis and prevent taking risks. She recommends a strategy to reprogram behavior through ‘shock therapy’ that solicits feedback from valuable colleagues and bosses. Seligson advises that women promote themselves in the workplace, network, and ask for feedback from respected colleagues to develop mentoring relationships.

Seligson notes that the American Association of University Women found that men who are a year out of college make 20 percent more in weekly pay than their female co-workers do. She recommends women ask for pay increases just as their male counterparts do.

More articles and Seligson’s new release, New Girl on the Job, Advice from the Trenches can be found at

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2 Responses to “Girl Power at School but Not at the Office”

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